Selling complex B2B technology, whether IT, telecoms, software or Web, is a real challenge in today’s turbulent world. Clients have much to consider and must be fully convinced before buying. At the same time, in most tech firms, less than 1-in-5 of client-facing staff are able to clearly prove the business value proposed.

To convince prospects, today's firms need a way to create client-driven propositions that resonate with each individual customer’s particular needs and demands, while offering them what they value most.

We offer you a powerful, interactive commercial method for jointly exploring and creating custom tech-based offers, driven by what your clients truly value and will pay for.

Combining customer and market research, value-driven insights, proven value- based arguments with compelling quantitative value calculators and practical assistance, we help transform your marketing and sales organization so you can increasingly get your clients from 'maybe' to 'yes’, driving profitable business growth.

Your Deliverables:

Becoming more relevant to your B2B clients’ businesses means understanding what it takes for them to be successful. Our tailored value-selling solutions are constructed of the right mix of modules, including:

  • Substantiated customer value stories – Prove the value of your client offers. Identify and communicate the key business benefits obtained by your clients as a result of adopting your tech-based value propositions.
  • Value-driven customer case studies Communicate the value and benefits of adopting your client offers. Provide prospects with a detailed analysis of concrete client cases, offering insights into existing customers’ business challenges, the quantifiable business value they have obtained from working with your firm, and the practical lessons learned.
  • Client value calculator Demonstrate to your clients the measurable and repeatable business benefits associated with your tech-based value propositions. Give your clients relevant, quantitative insights into the cost-benefits associated from adopting those offers (e.g. Revenue increase, cost savings, margin growth, ROI), while gaining the tools to jointly create custom client solutions, offering the benefits they value.
  • Introduction to customer value-selling – Initiate your client-facing organization in consultative value-selling. Provide them with the concepts, language, basic skills and capacities to consult with your clients on the value of investing in your offers, while jointly designing adapted customer solutions using dedicated value calculators.
  • On-site consultative value-selling support – Benefit from practical assistance and expertise for your on-site client consultation. Refine or develop your customer value stories and value calculations by extracting new and relevant client feedback, data and insights.

Your Advantages:

Depending on your particular needs, you benefit from our services in various ways:

Pinpoint your clients' key business demands

In the innovative and complex technology market it can be hard to address your clients’ key requirements and demands. Consultative customer value selling gives you the ability to identify what really counts for your client’ business so you can provide it to them.

Design custom, value-driven solutions with your clients

Each client values a solution fit to its unique needs and demands. A consultative value-selling approach allows you to design tailored propositions driven by what your customers really value and are ready to pay for. The best client solution is one that resonates with their business demands.

Sell client value, capture more business - Additional contracts, greater margins and new customers

Selling is much easier when clients get what they really seek. Our value-selling expertise shifts the focus from the lowest-price to the value delivered, driving more positive investment decisions. By working with your organization – marketing, pre-sales, sales, product management... – we help you catalyse and develop the skills and tools allowing your staff to sell your offers based on the confirmed benefits they provide. Demonstrating proven business value to customers will get them from ‘maybe’ to ‘yes’.

Foster a trusted advisor relationship with clients

Companies value sound business advice. Demonstrating that your firm focuses on helping improve your clients’ business is critical to develop deeper relationships with your key clientsstakeholders. A firm business focus will allow your clients to view you as a trusted business partner rather than just a technology vendor.


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