In today’s fast-changing and increasingly complex market, buying new technology - both on and offline - is usually a headache. In a recent Web buyers' study, 70% of B2B buyers said they would spend more of their budgets if their suppliers’ Websites were easier and more convenient to use.

In order to drive business companies today must make their client's purchase experiences as painless as possible.

We help you create a streamlined buying experience so your customers can get to the most suitable offers, in the most straightforward way.

Our tailored, Customer Buying Experience Design solutions are developed by getting a deeper understanding of who your clients are and how they expect to buy; from needs discovery to post-purchase considerations.

Your Deliverables:

Making your client’s buying experience as easy as possible makes real business sense. Our customized solution includes a range of deliverables designed to simplify your B2B clients’ buying experience:

  • Decision-making personas - Get a better understanding of the members who make up your clients’ buying decision-making unit: their goals, skills, attitudes and environment. This offers your team a more focused understanding of their target audiences for developing new offers and buying experiences.
  • Client experience journey map – An indepth understanding of your clients’ journeys when buying - the key participants, the buying phases and the decisions made – allowing you to shape your commercial approach to streamline and enhance their buying experience.
  • Value-driven content for decision-makers – Relevant and engaging, high-quality content for each part of the client buying experience. Show customers the business value of investing in your company's offers.
  • Client solution selector – Help your clients to easily choose the right solutions according to their problems and existing business context.
  • Client value calculators – Enable your clients to easily design adapted value propositions and preview the business benefits offered: Revenue increase, cost savings, margin growth, ROI and more.
  • Consultative customer value-selling programs – A powerful and interactive method to jointly explore and create custom business solutions from complex tech-based offers, driven by what your clients truly value and will pay for. This combines proven value-based methods with compelling quantitative value tools, training and assistance.
  • Joint go-to-market content & tools – A range of relevant, customer-driven content and tools enabling your channel partners to successfully serve the diverse purchasing needs of your indirect clients.

Your Advantages:

Depending on your particular needs, you benefit from our services in various ways:

Make it easy for your clients to buy

Drive business by simplifying your client’s buying experience. With our custom solutions we deliver an improved customer buying experience that fits with the way that your clients research, assess and select the right offers; both on and offline. Improving your client's buying experience translates into greater, faster business for you.

Generate customer intimacy

Nurturing your client decision-makers’ needs creates closer client relationship. By understanding what your clients look for and how they buy, you can cultivate a deeper, stronger relationship with your clients’ stakeholders across their buying experience. Ultimately a deeper client understanding leads to closer partner relationships.

Achieve top marks for client satisfaction

Helping clients make quicker, better buying decisions helps drive customer satisfaction. Designing a commercial platform that offers better client interactions across all parts of the buying journey leads to higher customer satisfaction and a better performance grade among suppliers.


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Improved Web customer buying experience increases customer engagement 3-5x

OneAccess modernizes its website with an improved customer buying experience, making it easier for clients to research and find the most suitable offers.

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