Customer behaviour and demands – both consumer and business –  continues evolving quickly under the influence of technologies like the mobile Web, the Cloud, the Internet-of-things and automation across industries.

By 2025, 2-3 billion more people will have access to the Internet. To remain relevant and grow within this increasingly converged, sophisticated and competitive market, companies must continuously bring to market innovative customer value propositions for their clients.

Our customer insights research solutions help you create the offers that your customers and their end-users will love, driving your business growth.

Through our dedicated studies we help you understand who your clients and end-users really are, what drives them and what they expect from you, so you can find innovative ways to offer value to your customers and create new growth.

Your Deliverables:

Your company’s challenges and business context is unique. For that reason we generate unique and valuable customer insights in the most relevant way for you. Our Customer Insight Research solutions include:

  • Exploratory studies - Explore and identify unmet, unarticulated user needs, and test the resulting concepts that will drive future offerings.
  • End-user behaviour studies - Extract insights by observing how genuine end-users behave in real-life situations.
  • Market requirement reports – Explore, analyse and prioritize today’s market problems in order to design innovative and practical solutions to resolve them.
  • Product concept tests - Challenge, enhance and enrich your upcoming product and service offerings.
  • Analysis of user trials - Understand what early users think of their usage experience, and adjust your offerings and approach prior to a large-scale commercialization.
  • User / Buyer personas – Get an clear description of your typical user / buyer’s goals, skills, attitudes and environment, offering your team a more focused and relevant understanding of your target audiences for developing new offers and related client experiences
  • Tailored research on specific topics   Research studies on unique topics, offering original client information and insights to support your value and growth-driven business objectives.


Your Advantages:

Depending on your specific business needs you benefit from our services in various ways:

Chart new business growth areas

Today’s customer pain-points are tomorrow’s business opportunities. By exploring the existing problems and the hidden needs of end-customers - users and buyers alike - we help you uncover fresh ideas for developing your future business. Finding new and often unexpected growth paths is vital for companies striving to innovate and ensure future profitability.

Identify new, winning technology product ideas

Customer deem great products so. We help you implement focused programs so clients can enrich your product ideas. Inviting customers to contribute to your product designs helps deliver great products ideas.

Enhance your new product launches

Effective small-scale product trials help deliver large-scale commercial success. Through our dedicated product trial studies we help you capitalize on early user experiences to fine-tune offers and launch programs. The lessons learned will maximize your future business

See what your clients really value about your company

Today’s customers don’t just buy products; they choose companies to do business with. By proactively engaging with your clients we help extract candid opinions, ideas and demands for developing your business and its offers. Understanding what clients really think about your company and its value propositions is essential to stay relevant.

Convert your customers into promoters

Your offers should inspire, converting customers to firm promoters. We help you understand how clients see existing competitors’ offers, what they really seek and what pushes them towards or away from yours. We help you see what they really value and what will drive greater customer acceptance and referrals.


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