Client offers are the lifeblood of any company. In PWC’s recent Global CEO survey, 74% of CEOs cited the combination of organic market growth and new product development as their main vectors for growth.

To create business value and generate growth technology companies need to systematically design differentiated and multi-faceted offers, combining both physical and digital elements, providing unequalled value to customers.

We help you design differentiated client offers for the digital age, so you can deliver definitive value to your B2B customers.

Blending client and market insights, strategy canvas and business model innovation techniques with creative thinking, we help you develop winning client offers providing real value to your customers and to your business.

Your Deliverables:

Bringing to market unique and value-driven, technology-based client offers is an essential yet non-trivial activity. Our adapted Customer Value Proposition Design solutions include:

  • Exploratory customer studies - Explore and identify unmet, unarticulated client and user needs, and test the resulting concepts that may give rise to future offers.
  • User / Buyer personas – Get a deep understanding of your typical users' / buyers' context, attitudes, needs and demands, offering your team a more focused understanding of your target segments for developing highly relevant customer value propositions including the right value experiences.
  • Market requirements statements   Explore, analyse and prioritize today’s market problems in order to design innovative, practical solutions to resolve them.
  • Analyses of competitive offers – Identify all relevant alternate and substitute offers, while objectively assessing their comparative competitive advantages and the value they provide clients.
  • Value proposition strategy design – Develop a comprehensive, differentiated buyer value curve as the foundation for each new value proposition, in clear contrast to competing market alternatives and substitutes.
  • Client offer positioning map – Conceive and manage a coherent portfolio of client offers satisfying your target clients’ demands, while forwarding your firm’s business objective.
  • Innovative business model design – Generate an innovative and competitive business model as the basis for enabling ground-breaking, tech-based client value propositions, enhancing your firms’ market appeal.

Your Advantages:

Depending on your needs, you benefit from our value proposition design services in various ways:

Identify what your clients really expect from you

Today’s customers don’t just buy products; they choose companies to do business with. By proactively engaging with your clients we help extract candid opinions, ideas and demands for developing your business and its offers. Understanding what clients really think about your company and its value propositions is essential to stay relevant.

Access new client-types

In today’s volatile market companies must systematically propose value to its clients. Our related services enable you to understand clients’ unmet needs and demands, while gaining the ability to create unique and attractive offers addressing the specific needs of both existing and new customers segments and their diverse key stakeholders.

Address uncharted market space

The market for technology products and services has never been more competitive. With our client value proposition design services you will clearly understand the boundaries of conventional market segments, while gaining the means to intelligently move beyond them and create differentiated offers to grab uncontested market opportunities.

Easily create unique customer value propositions

Creating the right customer value propositions is no easy task. It requires combining innovative ideas and techniques with the right mix of practical methods. Based on your strategy, existing needs and capabilities, we provide you with customized, flexible solutions for easily creating unique customer value propositions that your clients won't be able to live without.

Design an exceptional customer experience

Rather than simply buying good products and services clients increasingly seek great experiences. Beyond designing great offers, we work with your customers to see how they currently deal with your firm and its offers, to see how you can improve their overall experience. Providing a great customer experience is the key to earning their loyalty and recommendations.


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