Explore our go-to-market capabilities:

Solution Use Case

Illustate market imperatives through practical, user-driven scenario for a given situation. Understand the practical requirements that specific user personas have for solving unmet needs.

Use Case-to-feature Map

Map the practical solution use-case requirements to a well-defined set of service/product solution features and functions, by user persona.

Decision-making Analysis

Understand the decision-making process of a multi-person unit. Identify the various interests and consideration of the multiple stakeholders, and the subsequent impact and additional requirements on the service/product solution.

Competitive Analysis

Identify substitute and alternate service/product offers in the marketplace. Perform a comparative analysis to define the best approach for competing.

Product Positioning

Articulate the proposed market solution’s ability to resolve a market problem, both within the existing portfolio and in the wider marketplace. Draft internal positioning documents aimed at helping key buyer personas choose the most suitable solution for addressing their needs.

Technology Assessment

Consider the technologies needed to develop a service/product solution to the market imperatives. Evaluate the relative costs and benefits of all options, both internal and external to the company.

Patents Claims

Identify and analyse the intellectual property generated when developing new service/product offerings, both standalone or within a broader portfolio. Map patent claims to relevant features, functions or other unique aspects that add value.


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