Marketing has become more specialized and strategic than ever. Customers have more ways of dealing with companies on their terms; New tech firms can serve clients in new markets and easily compete with established ones, and companies have more ways to create and deliver targeted value to clients, while measuring the effects.

When a product and marketing leaders finds himself lacking resources it can affect a company’s commercial operations, impacting the business. Furthermore, hiring is not always the fastest or best solution.

To thrive in quick-changing world, technology companies must be on the look out for better ways to develop and enhance their marketing capabilities and know-how.

We offer you on-demand technology marketing expertise to help you successfully deliver valuable client-driven offers and generate new growth.

Your Deliverables:

Ensuring that your organization has the right set of resources to prosper is critical. Depending on your particular skills gaps, business needs and other interim requirements, we deliver adapted interim marketing expertise:

  • Interim product marketing Enhance the commercial success of your offers using our seasoned technology marketing professionals. They will translate your product ideas to relevant, enticing client content; design client-driven programs to support new offers, and facilitate the ‘right’ buying decisions in a complex and evolving market.
  • Interim product management Develop your products' profitability and lifespan through our versatile technology business managers. They will profitably and coherently manage existing offers in an evolving market; seek out new business opportunities by identifying and addressing unresolved market needs, and help design market-driven solutions delivering client value.
  • Marketing for start-ups – Benefit from adapted marketing strategies delivering measurable business results using our start-up marketing experts. They will handle the full range of early-business commercial activities to generate faster growth, while finding new ways to provide tangible value to your clients.

Your Advantages:

Depending on your particular needs, you benefit from our services in various ways:

Easily expand your team to get the job done

Easily expand your team with seasoned professionals to get critical work done quickly and effectively. This provides a flexible solution for filling skills gaps, staff shortages or temporary leaves, all while offering your team access to new product and marketing ideas.

Proven and professional, methods-based assistance

Develop your business with sound, methods-based advice and assistance. Our know-how spans the full range of activities for developing, managing and bringing new services/products to market. Combined with our track record for working across companies and domains, in markets worldwide, your teams benefits from direct access to diverse and innovative go-to-market ideas, insights and assistance, helping them do their job more effectively.

Expert, value-driven results delivered on demand

Benefit from seasoned professionals driven by delivering measurable results to support your product-to-market needs. Our experts work quickly and effectively and are committed to delivering results that provide clear value and meet your complete satisfaction.

Custom, flexible engagement models

Delivering improved marketing and product performance is no easy task; it requires a thorough yet practical approach. As such we offer you a custom solution to address your business and internal capability needs. While some parts of an interim assignment may be defined in advance, flexibility is often required to identify emerging issues and to implement new strategies. For that reason the well-defined portions are offered at a set fee, supplemented by added resources (i.e. for audits, research or implementation) at a variable fee. This flexible partnership model allows you to get professional, on-demand expertise to create client value and business growth, while accommodating any emerging needs, all at a manageable cost.


Contact us to learn more:

To see how our Interim Marketing Experts can help you successfully overcome your organization’s particular challenges for creating customer value and business growth, contact us for a free-of-charge consultation.

Interim market strategy experts help B-Com keep product line margins +10-15% above the market level

Business IT supplier uses interim market strategy experts to design product line strategy, including target value propositions and associated commercial programs, sustaining double-digit growth and margins +10-15% above the competition.

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