Technology start-up companies are new, temporary business organizations searching for a repeatable and scalable business model with high-growth potential.

One of the founders' critical tasks is to assess, validate and develop new business ideas to maximize their potential and quickly kick-start the company’s growth.

Within this context, start-up have a few key challenges:

Saving founders' time by offloading marketing

In the early stages of a new venture, the founders are often involved in the basic marketing activities: defining products, establishing pricing, creating promo material, seeking adapted sale models & partners.

As a start-up grows the founders have new demands and must offload marketing activities. While many firms turn to hiring, it is very hard to find 1-2 people with a broad enough expertise to effectively execute all activities.

Working with a Merkado offers various benefits:

  1. One or a few dedicated experts, trained in the latest marketing techniques and in technology
  2. Experts with broad business skills and a proven record for helping firms develop in a changing environment
  3. On-demand resources & skills so start-ups can quickly step-up / down with changing needs

Accelerating company growth

Once a start-up has settled on the right business model, the next vital challenge is to boost growth. As a small-scale organization, most start-ups usually lack the set of capabilities to deliver all of the commercial activities needed to create fast growth.

Such growth-driven programs include: Suitable client marketing material; Adapted campaigns to increase awareness; Client-driven sales tools & processes to produce sales; Scalable client acquisition and satisfaction programs supporting growth - all at the lowest effective cost.

Partnering with Merkado to drive growth delivers several benefits:

  1. New ideas and techniques to accelerate a company’s growth
  2. Proven assistance in quickly creating and implementing winning growth strategies
  3. Reduced time and investment for delivering business growth

Merkado helps tech start-ups quickly address their early business challenges through our range of flexible and cost-effective client services, tailored to your needs.

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