Within today’s increasingly digital world original, high-quality content has become the core for all B2B marketing initiatives. According to a recent CMO Council study, for 87% of B2B buyers, online content has a significant impact in their vendor selection.

Content allows clients to conduct meaningful research, discover new offers, learn about others’ experiences and build a business case to justify their investments.

We develop unique, relevant and engaging content focused on highlighting the business value of investing in your company's technology-based offers.

Our customer value-driven content solutions are developed by combining original client and market insights, expert information sources with our innovative perspectives and thought-proving ideas. This valuable blend allows you to address the critical concerns and demands of your B2B clients' key decision-makers and influencers, while offering original views to help them fully appreciate the value proposed by your company, at all stages of their buying decision.

Your Deliverables:

Your success depends on how easily you make it for your B2B client stakeholders – both influencers and decision-makers alike – to understand the full value that your company offers them.Our Value-driven Customer Content solutions include:

  • Client value comparisons of competing offers – Give your customers the ability to easily and objectively examine and evaluate their options, including the value offered by each.
  • Value-driven customer testimonials – Offer your clients a structured and insightful, first-hand account of your existing customer’s challenges and the relevant business benefits obtained from using your firm’s offers.
  • Value-driven client case studies - Provide prospects with a detailed analysis of concrete client cases, offering insights into past client's business challenges, the quantifiable business value they have obtained from working with your firm, as well as novel perspectives and the practical lessons learned as a result.
  • Value-driven strategic white papers – Supply your clients with original and thorough studies of today’s top technology-business issues and their implications, including unique client and market insights and innovative views, helping them better understand their challenges and showing how their business will benefit by working with your firm.

Your Advantages:

Depending on your particular needs, you benefit from our services in various ways:

Clearly demonstrate the value of your client offers

To make any investment-decision, today’s business decision-makers need clear proof of the value offered. Our value-driven customer content solutions gives you the means to develop relevant and original content addressing the needs of your clients’ key stakeholders across all parts of the buying process.

Talk business and take your client relationships to the next level

Many tech companies operate naturally with a technical and product-driven culture. Through our customer value-driven content your client-facing organization benefits from original, business-oriented insights and discussion points, ideal for establishing and nurturing higher-level business discussions with your clients. Talking business is essential to take your client relationships to the next level.

Broaden and deepen your client relationship

Offering new, valuable insights can open new doors. By leveraging our business value-oriented material, both inside and out of your organization, your people will gain the ability and confidence to broaden and deepen relations with non-traditional client stakeholders (e.g. Marketing, Product, Strategy or Finance leadership). This is a essential step in understanding and serving your customers’ higher-level, strategic business needs.

Capture business value – Additional contracts, greater margins and new customers

Our value-driven content has helped tech firms capture value in various ways: additional sales, better margins and new clients. We design our value-driven content to precisely address your client’s emerging needs by offering valuable information and insights, including the proven business benefits that you can deliver. Offering clients valuable business insights will help you capture value in return.

Get original value-driven content at a predictable cost

Communicating value to customers is essential to avoid the ‘lowest-price’ trap. However, this is not an easy task. We provide you with original, professionally-developed, value-driven deliverables for your clients at a fixed, pre-determined fee. This allows you to uniquely highlight your company’s value, with no surprise costs.


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