In technology the only constant is change. When deciding what new offers to develop and commercialize, today’s tech companies - Start-ups and growing businesses alike - are faced with a whirlwind of forces:

Market forces
  • Influx of new technologies – Looking for new ways to resolve real-world problems; Leveraging the power of the Internet.
  • Faster technology cycles – Navigating the fast-changing technological currents; Adapting to reduced product development lifecycle
  • Emergence of non-traditional players – Competing against new, emerging players with strange and disruptive competitive assets
  • Business model innovation – Seeking new and distinct ways to viably monetize the latest offerings; Benefiting from Cloud innovation.
  • Evolving consumer needs, behavior & expectations – Trying to harness changing customer trends which both drive and respond to the evolving market

This complex business environment drives technology companies to continuously seek new business opportunities that are innovative yet increasingly relevant to customers. However this on-going and ever-changing innovation process presents further challenges for companies looking to thrive:

Company challenges
  1. Managing increased complexity – Bringing order to new technology innovations while ensuring a customer-driven perspective
  2. Distilling the real business value – Creating clear and innovative customer value propositions despite increased complexity
  3. Systematically creating market-driven strategies – Consolidating the distinct views of internal and external stakeholders: staff, management, shareholders, customers; Communicating and implementing complex strategies inside and out
  4. Effective execution despite greater risks – Delivering tangible results in a challenging economic context; Achieving effective ROIs despite market uncertainties
  5. Assuring business growth – Implementing high-performance commercial strategies that offer tangible results; Successfully delivering new offers to market while ensuring satisfied end-customers

Within this complex and ever-changing environment, being successful means quickly and successfully getting to market with the right set of profitable, customer-driven offers.

Merkado will help your tech start-up or growing technology company address its specific business challenges using our full set off go-to-market capabilities packaged in a way that’s suited to your particular needs.